Well written, accurately translated and professionally paginated publication allows you to enjoy numerous competitive advantages. End-users demand usability from the products that they purchase, anywhere in the world. Your field engineers need to quickly and professionally troubleshoot any product malfunction, anywhere in the world.

Good documentation from all viewpoints increases the productivity of both the end-user and field engineer, with a consequent increase in the reputation of the product and its manufacturer or OEM reseller throughout the marketplace.

Publication investments lead to shorter training periods, quicker access to information, quicker and more reliable product and installation and setup, quicker problem diagnosis and fault correction.

All publications produced by TECHNOD for products intended for the European market comply with the European Directives. For the specific requirements of the Brazilian market, all publications produced by TECHNOD do Brasil for products intended for the Brazilian market comply with Brazilian Directive NR-12.



Working from technical specifications, prototypes and in direct contact with the R&D teams of our clients, our writers are totally independent in producing a wide range of unequivocal audience-specific technical publications. These include Repair Manuals, Spare Part Catalogues, Site Preparation Guides, Installation Guides, Maintenance Manuals, User’s Guides, error messages and can be provided as the client requires: hard-copy, on-line web and video formats (for example in compliance with AECMA S1000D standards, animated PDFs, etc.). In addition, our writers can prepare texts for the on-line Help of software applications.

Our writers also assist local manufacturers or multinational companies who need to adapt their existing publications to reflect the customization undergone by their product to comply with national standards or requirements for commercialization within the target markets.

Technical writing can be performed directly on-site (depending on the operating requirements), or in-house where support from our desk-top publishing, graphics design and multimedia specialists guarantees a turn-key global solution for our clients.


Desktop Publishing

Creating a page layout that best interprets the message of quality and style your company wishes to portray is what the desktop publishing service offered by TECHNOD is all about. And we believe that it is important to choose the right partner, with the right experience to support you in this.

Texts written or translated by our people, or provided to us directly by our clients, are paginated using the most up-to-date high-end word processing or desktop publishing packages. Given the wide range of publishing tools available on the market today, it is our policy to undertake any feasible effort to ensure full compatibility with your hardware and software. Or, we can suggest the best package to suit your needs.

A professionally paginated document embodying the right font, character spacing, page format and choice of attributes give numerous advantages both to readers and writers. Using the correct font and character spacing undoubtedly render the text easier to read, while avoiding cramming the page with text is useful to the writer for any minor future updates.
The final output can be provided in several formats (HTML, PDF), online, on disc supports or hardcopy, to best suit.

Chosen either as a stand-alone service or together with our technical writing, translation or graphic design services, our desktop publishing offer proves to be a valuable solution even for the more demanding requirements.


2D & 3D graphic design, 3D animation and photo shoots

The elegance and functionality of any technical or commercial document are always enriched by the quantity and quality of incorporated graphical images. Illustrations are often the key items in clarifying the different topics discussed in technical publications, or to render certain functions or operations self-explanatory.

Intended also as a schematic approach to unavoidably lengthy descriptions, graphical illustrations with the appropriate indications are often used for quick reference where there is no time or space for words. We employ qualified graphic designers to produce quality 2D or 3D technical drawings from scratch or from photos. Working jointly with the technical writer or in direct contact with our client, drawings are produced by using the latest state-of-the-art drawing packages.

Using the 3D models of perspective drawings provided by R&D, or by drawing these directly from scratch, TECHNOD can also provide 3D animation in PDF format of selected operating procedures or of an entire publication. The resulting interactive manuals aids the user or field engineer to follow the step-by-step procedures in a very simple and practical way.

Photo shoots come into play if 3D models are unavailable. Depending on whether the photos are needed to prepare technical publications or marketing material, our technical writers or professional photographers will engage in resolutive photo shooting sessions either on-site or directly in-house to obtain the needed views. The photos can then be used as taken, adapted as needed using appropriate photo editing packages or can be successively drawn in 2D or 3D by our graphic designers.