An important requirement for success in today’s business world is the ability to communicate in different languages. To compete successfully in the global market, companies must be able to respond quickly to the need for nationalized versions of documentation without compromising on quality.

Intended as an essential component of a 360° technical documentation service solution, technical translation is a key service that TECHNOD has been providing for more than 30 years. TECHNOD is not a translation agency and therefore only provides multilingual translation of technical or technical commercial publications for the market sectors of its competence.

Committed to providing the best possible quality in translations, both TECHNOD and TECHNOD do Brasil are ISO-certified with the following translation-specific certification: ISO 17100:2015 which specifies the requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications.

The multisector and multilingual translation service offered by TECHNOD:

  • employs mother tongue technical translators with a wealth of experience in their respective languages.
  • translates from and to the major European and extra-European languages.
  • is audience specific and covers a wide range of technical publications including User manuals, repair and maintenance manuals, installation guides, online help, troubleshooting messages, Graphical User Interfaces and more.
  • undergoes thorough quality reviews in compliance with ISO 17100 specifications.
  • uses the latest CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools thus guaranteeing cost-efficiency, rewarding turnaround times, text consistency throughout and overall compliance with the specific linguistic requirements of our clients.


TECHNOD also provides SW localization, the process by means of which a software is tailored to meet the linguistic and convention specifications of the destination markets. This means not only translating the Graphical User Interface, on-line Help and troubleshooting files, but also adapting these to the different international cultural standards.

After decades of experience with SW localization, our personnel provide valuable support in the release of multilingual software packages.

TECHNOD provides a complete technical documentation translation service. Having the translator work in close contact with a technical writer, for example, guarantees the technical quality of the translated document and shortens overall turnaround times.

The ability to provide nationalized documentation is an unquestionable enhancement to company image and style and could be the winning card in business negotiations.