Throughout the years TECHNOD has become increasingly committed to expanding its technical publication development core business with additional services aimed at satisfying the more varied requirements of our clients.

Always technically oriented, these additional services are proof of how TECHNOD has the flexibility, experience, technical capabilities and know-how to be a straightforward resolutive partner focused on the specific requirements of its clients.

world class manufacturing

For the past few years now TECHNOD has been perfecting its W.C.M. training and consulting service offered to partner clients. TECHNOD’s mission and objective in this area is to provide comprehensive contribution to the integrated management of all manufacturing aspects of an enterprise, by planning some of the processes whose aim is to achieve manufacturing excellence.

The TECHNOD W.C.M. consulting program consists of intervening in the areas corresponding to the following technical pillars that support the entire W.C.M. program.


Provide instructions concerning the workplace safety in compliance with the activity of each individual operator.

Cost Deployment

Analyze the causes that generate losses and waste within a manufacturing and logistic system.

Focused Improvement

Collect and monitor the feedbacks received from our client’s personnel and research continuous methods of improvement to eliminate process inefficiencies.

Autonomous Maintenance & Workplace Organization

Provide methodical and structured Use and/or Maintenance instructions that are aimed at preventing the occurrence of failures caused by a degrading system while enabling the development of activities, eliminate losses and increase productivity.

Professional Maintenance

Analyze the system to establish a periodic predictive and proactive maintenance plan.

Machine Ledger

Provide a study and a development by starting from machine decomposition into functional sub-groups and the information on the maintenance policies to be applied.

Quality Control

Define the quality checks to be performed on the machine to guarantee its correct operation.

Logistics & Customer Service

Devise an accurate and realistic Maintenance Plan by defining all the process variables to reduce spare parts supply times thus optimizing warehouse stocks.

People Development

Deliver a suitable structured training plan for our client’s personnel.


Define clear and accurate disposal specifications for post-maintenance products and for machines that have completed their life cycle.

Early Product / Equipment Management

Provide internal analysis aimed at assessing the strong points or weak points of a new product or its management process.